Enjoy a few of the reviews!

“I love hearing from authors and hearing about their journeys. It’s inspiring to hear from people who have done it and been where we’ve been. It makes me want to write as soon as I leave.”

“I loved having so many options for classes. I could choose what was most relevant and interesting to me.”

“I loved the in-person get-togethers. Making connections helped me feel like we were all part of the same writing community and working together toward a common goal.”

“I loved how each day had a different focus! It helped me dig into each part of writing.”

“The worldbuilding classes were really helpful, because that’s what I’m trying to figure out for my work-in-progress right now. The industry day and revision and character classes were also extremely helpful. And the plot twist one!”

“Manuscript consultations were the single most helpful thing for me, even though the other sessions were awesome.”